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Experienced Roofing Contractors in Scarborough

It’s fair to say that with over 75 years as an HVAC, sheet metal, and roofing supplier, Toronto has a solid option with Danforth Roofing Supply. Professional roofing contractors have long known Danforth Roofing Supply as “the craftsman’s destination” for asphalt shingles, cedar shingles and shakes, metal roofs, HVAC materials, and every tool and piece of equipment to get the job done right. Whether it’s roofing products or services, we have got you covered. Count on us if you are looking for roofing supplies in Toronto. We can provide you with affordable roofing services executed in a timely manner. 


Our Mission


It is our mission to make your work exceptional. We check each order multiple times to ensure it is accurate. Our crew approaches every delivery with the understanding that we are on your time. Simple courtesies like these have made us a staple in the region’s roofing, HVAC, and siding industries.


Our History

Danforth Roofing Supply has been serving the greater Toronto area since 1946. For more than 75 years we have had the privilege of meeting your roofing and sheet metal needs. We have been the trusted roofing supplier in Toronto and have a tradition of excellent service and products, now carried into the fourth generation.


The Craftsman’s Destination

Over the years, Danforth Roofing Supply has become the craftsman’s destination for expert advice and solutions to roofing questions and problems. Our staff will happily guide you to the industry mainstays as well as many unique and hard-to-find products for your vintage restoration or custom construction projects.


Courteous and Reliable

Our longevity in the business is testament to our consistent focus on providing our customers courteous and reliable service. We have grown in response to our customers’ needs – and we still make offering great service to each individual customer our highest priority. Rely on Danforth Roofing Supply to accurately and quickly fill your order and deliver it promptly.




Our Products 

When it comes to roofing products, our extensive inventory will provide you with every item you require to complete your roofing project, regardless of how simple or complicated it is. We've worked in the roofing industry for a long time, which has given us a thorough knowledge of roofing products, whether tools or sheet metal.  

Danforth Roofing Supply is the place to find everything you need to complete your roofing projects, from a simple replacement of shingles to installing specialized commercial roofing systems.


Our full-service sheet metal shop is well staffed and equipped to handle both small and large metal orders.



With over 75 years in business, we have learned the importance of quality service. We hope that our service shows we care about you and your project.


Reach out to us, if you look for dependable roofing contractors in Scarborough.


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