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Trusted Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop in Scarborough

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing process that shapes a sheet of metal into a specific metal item as desired. This is done through a process called material removal or material deformation. Sheet metal can be shaped into a range of different metal products. It is the most common form of metal-based raw material available.  

Raw sheet metal is generally around 0.006 to 0.25 inches thick. Anything thinner than 0.006 inches is considered to be "foil," and any thicker than 0.25 is referred to as a "plate". The thickness of a sheet metal piece is often referred to as its gauge, a number typically ranging from 3 to 38. A higher gauge indicates a thinner piece of sheet metal, with exact dimensions that depend on the material. Some of the most common materials that sheet metals stocks are available in are as follows: 

  • Aluminum 

  • Brass 

  • Bronze 

  • Copper 

  • Magnesium 

  • Nickel 

  • Steel  

  • Tin 

  • Titanium  

  • Zinc 

  • Stainless Steel 

Wide Selection in Stock

Our full-service sheet metal steel shop is well staffed and equipped to handle both small and large metal orders. With a wide selection of galvanized, pre-painted, and aluminum in stock, we can quickly complete your sheet metal order in Scarborough quickly.


We Do Special Orders

Special order metal requiring other colours or gauges are also available upon request. We can create many unique items to satisfy your home project or job-site needs. Some of the common requests we fill daily include custom flower box liners, window and door trims, water proof pans or trays and ductwork.


Stock Flashings

Danforth Roofing Supply also maintains a full selection of stock flashings to meet the needs of the roofing industry. Custom styles or sizes are available upon request.


Plasma Cutter

While we always want to maintain the values of the past, we also want to ensure we keep up with the times. In 2010 we acquired a plasma cutter for our sheet metal shop. It increases the speed at which some orders can be completed and allows us to cut some metals in heavier gauges. Our custom ductwork is produced even more efficiently with the help of this machine. 
Read our blog to learn about the Advantages of Using Sheet Metal for Roofing Projects
Contact us today to discuss your project!  


Why Choose Us? 
Over the years of serving clients across Scarborough, we have acquired the skill and precision necessary to provide metal fabrication services for all kinds of industrial requirements. Regardless of what you need, we can ensure a high-quality product along with fair pricing. Our wide clientele across Scarborough gives a resounding testimony to the quality of our services. We have professional workmen who possess years of experience in sheet material fabrication. We also use high quality equipment to ensure precision and accuracy in all our jobs. Call us to know more

Your Trusted Sheet Material Fabrication in Scarborough 

At Danforth Roofing Supply, we can provide you with reliable Sheet Material Fabrication in Scarborough for all your construction needs. 

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