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Professional Roofing Services in Scarborough


Did you encounter a leaking roof? Are you looking to repair it or replace it with a new roof? Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd provides residential and commercial owners with trustworthy, durable, affordable and quality roofing services in Scarborough. Whether your roof needs a simple repair job or a complete overhaul, we can assure you of a thorough job. We take great pride in our years of experience, unparalleled craftsmanship and excellent customer service to everyone who visits us for roofing needs.


From eavestrough and siding supplies to safety tools and equipment, we supply essential roofing products and metal sheets at competitive prices. Not only this, we specialize in roof repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance of roofing systems for residential and commercial properties. Be assured when you handle your most important asset in our hands, we will take care of it and continue to maintain your trust in us by completing the project timely and efficiently.


Accurate and Efficient Roofing Services in Scarborough


We realize that our customers appreciate and require both accurate and efficient service, and thus we fill your orders in such a way that keeps you coming back. Whether your order is picked up at one of our Scarborough locations, or delivered by one of our trucks, we strive to satisfy your needs. We are proud of our numerous repeat customers.


Courteous & Knowledgeable Team


Our staff at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd is well prepared with the knowledge to help solve most of your roofing questions or problems. However, should we not be able to assist you immediately, we will research the situation and respond promptly to the best of our abilities. We provide service courteously and helpfully, the old-fashioned way. Some things should never change.


Timely Delivery


Yes, we deliver too. We have flat-bed trucks to handle large or small loads, a dump truck, a pickup truck and a cube van equipped with a seamless trough machine. While next-day service is the norm, same-day deliveries are often possible. We repair on the spot to give you quick relief from your roofing stress. We strive to be accurate and on time, helping you meet important deadlines. That’s why we proudly say Danforth Delivers!





We have dump trucks that can both deliver smaller orders and also be used for a bin service. We have 12 and 13-yard bins available for waste only or delivery with materials in the bin. Our smaller trucks can also get into some tight areas in the city that larger trucks cannot. So keep us in mind for the convenience of having both the bin and materials arriving at the same time.


Lift It Up

We can offer a crane service via a third party that we have worked with and trusted for years.


The Danforth Difference

With over 70 years in business, we have learned the importance of quality service. We hope that our service shows we care about you and your project. Experience the Danforth Difference!


Why Choose Us For Roofing Services in Scarborough?

Over the years of servicing clients across Scarborough, we have emerged as the trusted roofing contractor in the area. Here are some reasons why:


  • Cost-effective solutions: Our workmen can provide you with a fair and transparent cost estimate after a thorough evaluation of the job.


  • Quality products: Great roofing begins with high-quality raw materials. Here at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd we make sure to provide excellent roofing services along with sustainable and quality materials that can save big on your budget.


  • Timely execution: Our team strives to complete the job within the given time scale and budget. They pay complete attention even to the minutest detail, ensuring that your roof is restored to an immaculate condition. We make sure that each stage of the project is completed on time and work towards achieving an efficient turnaround time.


  • Excellent customer service: Our commitment to customer service and meticulous attention to the last detail has allowed us to emerge as the trusted roofing service in Scarborough. We are committed to providing our customers with 100% satisfaction with our services. Our skilled workmen strive to complete the job in the most minimally invasive and minimally intrusive manner. We are a value-driven business dedicated to providing our patrons with complete satisfaction with our services.


Contact us today to get more information about our reliable and cost-effective roofing services in Scarborough. You can also check out our blog to see what steps we undertake to repair and maintain your residential and commercial roofing.



Specialty Roofing Services and more

Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd is the trusted name in roofing supplies. Our list of services to fulfill your various residential and commercial project needs includes:


Our expertise is not only limited to roofing services but we also offer other services as well. Our specialty services include:


Not only these, but we can also provide you with deliveries, disposal and crane services to take care of all your construction, renovation and restoration needs. Call us to know more about our services.


Reliable Roofing Services in Scarborough


Residential, commercial and industrial clients have come to rely on the professional roofing services of Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd in Scarborough for over decades. We aim to achieve complete client satisfaction every time we undertake your project. We offer you best-in-class service using the most innovative tools and equipment needed to ensure optimal results. Our team is fully licensed and understands the importance of quality roofing services. You can trust us for timely delivery and efficient results.


Frequently Asked Questions


Property owners should take note of some common questions before determining the need for a roofing service.


How Can I Recognize If I Have a Problem with Roofing?

One of the most common occurrences that determines you need a repair or replacement when you encounter any leaks or damage in your roof. Periodic inspections by experts can help you prevent extensive damage and replacement requirements. Our team can uncover loose seams and deteriorated flashings, cracked, warped, or missing shingles, and other visible signs of roof problems.


Should I Repair or Replace the Roof?

Replacement is necessary when more than 25 percent of your roof is flawed or you want to upgrade your property utilizing the latest technological developments in roofing systems for longer life. While repair is recommended if good insulation is in place. Minor repairs can increase the life of your roof more economically.


How Long Will My Roof Last?

It solely depends on the type of roof, environment and surroundings of your property and the maintenance you provide. Typically it can last up to 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Take a look at those warranties to check the responsibilities and financial obligations they promise if their products do not reach their expected lifetimes.


If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us.


Dependable Roofing services in Scarborough

Reach out to us if you want to upgrade and extend the life of your roof


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