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Reliable and Top-quality Building Supplies in Scarborough

Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd is the place where you find everything you need to complete your roofing projects. From a simple replacement of shingles to installing specialized commercial roofing systems, we can help you! We offer quality building supplies and materials in Scarborough to safely and efficiently complete a job.


We are a one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs. Whether you need roofing supplies to complete a residential or a commercial roof building project, you can count on us to have all the necessary materials. With more than 70 years of experience in the roofing industry, our experts have a good understanding as well as the technical knowledge necessary to help you build a safe and long-lasting roof. We provide a variety of high-quality building materials all over Toronto and Scarborough. Over the years, we have served many customers with reliable roofing services. Get in touch with us to speak with our team about your next roofing project!


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Our Products


From building supplies to commercial and residential roofing materials, Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd has got you covered. We have all of the supplies you need for commercial roofing applications. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in locating the ideal building materials and products in terms of reliability and energy efficiency for your commercial and residential building in Scarborough.


If you’d like to construct a new outdoor deck or fence, install siding on a new residence, or need help pouring concrete into a driveway, we can do it all! All of our building materials supplies are durable, which will contribute to the lifespan of your building. Browse through our website to see the full range of our residential and commercial roofing products and services, or give us a call if you need any assistance.

Special Orders for Building Materials in Scarborough


If you can’t find what you need, our friendly staff is happy to find and special order what you want. You can also stop by our sheet metal shop for metalwork to preserve and protect your roof for years.



After about ten years, most residential roofs are rebuilt or, at the very least, maintained. You can substantially lower replacement expenses by carefully selecting the right roofing materials. You will use less building material in the long term, fill up less landfill space, and impose less strain on the natural assets. Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd is where you can find all building material needs, from shingles to tools, ventilation, deck protection and other accessories.

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Whether you are working with an architect to create a usable space on your roof, or replacing your roof with an energy-efficient one that lowers your operating costs, trust Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd to work with the best brands and latest technologies. There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting commercial roofing products, and we strive to make the process as straightforward as possible. Our team takes pride in establishing working connections with our clients, providing affordable and quality suggestions and laying out a strategy. Choosing a long-lasting and attractive roof for a commercial building is an investment. It's just as vital to assessing which system best complements your structure as it is to analyze all of the aspects that distinguish one roof from another.

Cutting Metal


Sheet metal is most often required for commercial applications. It's utilized for ductwork, troughs, siding, roofing, and flashings, among other things. It is ideal material if you need corrosion and rust-resistant materials that are flexible enough to prevent peeling or cracking. We have all your sheet metal needs covered, from sheets of steel, copper, and black iron to rolls of aluminum!

duct cleaning


Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd offers an assortment of ductwork supplies, metal fasteners, flashings, soldering tools and other HVAC products. Our team will be happy to assist you and complete your HVAC operation on time and within budget without sacrificing quality or cutting into your earnings.

pitched roof


Don't underestimate how vital eavestroughs are in safeguarding your home and property from the weather. Your eavestroughs' function is to collect snow, rainwater, and sleet and adequately channel it away from your rooftop and your property. They cannot do their work if they are blocked or damaged and risk exposing your property to water damage. If you need siding, soffit, fascia or eavestroughs, fasteners and accessories, we cover you for various exterior projects in Scarborough.

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Every construction tool is required to complete the project successfully. Our workers utilize special safety equipment in addition to these items to avoid unexpected accidents. We are equipped with various tools and equipment that will complete your job safely. We have everything you need from ladders, hand tools and nail guns.

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The materials you will need may vary based on whether your roof is residential or commercial, as well as the form and pitch of your roof. Every roofing project will require roof tiles and shingles (such as asphalt shingles for waterproofing), as well as rooftop protection and attic ventilation. It's important to employ a professional for consultation and installation. As your complete roofing supplier, we at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd stock a variety of miscellaneous products to finish your job. Come see us for quality skylights, masonry cement for chimneys and even de-icing cables.

Material Delivery Service

At Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd, we understand the importance of timely and reliable material delivery for your roofing projects. That's why we offer a professional and efficient material delivery service to ensure you have the right roofing materials delivered to your doorstep when needed.


We offer:

  • Convenience: Save time and effort by letting us handle the logistics of delivering roofing materials to your location. Our delivery service eliminates the need to transport heavy and bulky roofing supplies, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your project.


  • Timely delivery: We value your time, and our dedicated team is committed to delivering your roofing materials promptly. With our efficient delivery process, you can count on receiving your materials when needed, ensuring your project stays on schedule.


  • Wide range of products: Whether you require shingles, underlayment, flashing, or any other roofing materials, we have an extensive inventory of high-quality products for delivery. Rest assured that you will receive the materials that suit your roofing needs.


  • Expert handling: Our delivery team is trained and experienced in handling roofing materials carefully and safely. You can trust us to transport your materials without any damage, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.


Visit our sheet metal shop or schedule a material delivery by giving us a call, and one of our representatives will assist you in placing your delivery order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions asked by our clients:


Do You Offer Delivery For Your Products?

Yes, we offer delivery. With the fleet of our flat-bed truck, dump truck, pickup truck and cube van, which are equipped with a seamless trough machine, we can handle all loads.


What Is The Warranty On Your Products?

Depending on the type of roof, environmental conditions and surroundings, your roof can last up to 15 to 20 years if cared for and maintained properly. We work with manufacturers who offer warranties on their products. Our team will take you through all the responsibilities and financial obligations each product promises to give you the long-lasting results you deserve.


How To Choose The Right Roofing Material?

Factors such as the environmental conditions of the area you live in and the structure of your building can affect how durable and dependable your roofing materials will be. You can pick between the following:

  • Asphalt Shingles
    Asphalt shingles are affordable, readily available and easy to install. Though they can last long in the right conditions, they tend to crack in extreme temperature fluctuations and are not resistant to higher winds and mildew, so they may not be the best choice for wet or windy climates.

  • Tiles
    Tiles can be made from clay, concrete, or slate and can be customized to any shape and size to fit the style of your home. They are designed to reflect heat and light and help your home to retain heat during the winter. However, tile is heavy and unsuitable for areas with fluctuating weather.

  • Metal
    Roofs made of metal are tough, low-maintenance and  environmentally friendly. Though these may be one of the more expensive options and can be quite noisy during heavy rain, they are great against the elements and can even help reduce energy costs for your home.

Go through our blog for some more helpful information on roofing materials and installation techniques. Call us to know more about our products and services.


Why Choose Us for Building Materials in Scarborough?


Regarding building materials, you want to get the best for your money. You can always trust Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd to get quality building materials in Scarborough and GTA. Our team of experts will work closely with you to provide superior service while helping you save money. We specialize in commercial and residential construction projects and are known for getting high-quality results while meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations. We work with brands that take pride in what they do and are happy to share them with you. Reach out to us for more information about building supplies in Scarborough.



Looking for Quality Building Materials in Scarborough?

Trust us for reliable roof-building supplies at affordable rates.

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