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Dependable Commercial Roofing in Scarborough since 1946

Find every product you need for an industrial, flat or low-sloped roofing application with the professionals at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. Get the best in durability and energy- saving material. Our experienced team can help you find the exact product to meet your needs for commercial roofing in Scarborough. We have coatings, flashings, fasteners, and everything to make the job a success. 


When looking for a new commercial roof in Scarborough, one of the most important things to consider is the overall condition of your property. Check out our blog for the latest updates and helpful information on roofing services.


Types of Commercial Roofing

Depending on a building’s size, structure, type of a business, and budget, there are many different types of commercial roofing systems available. Knowing about the different types of commercial roofing systems will facilitate your decision-making process:


  • Metal Roofs: metal roofing is among the most preferred options for commercial property owners. When installed right, a metal roof can offer decades of efficient performance and the desired look.

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin): TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane and is one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing systems. This type of roofing has a natural reflective surface to reflect UV rays.

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Roofing: Made from polyvinyl chloride (or plastic), PVC is an excellent single-ply roofing solution. It is a cool roof membrane that contains a lower percentage of oil and petroleum and is commonly used on commercial buildings.

  • Green roofing: A green roof can help you lower your energy costs significantly. It consists of a tough waterproof membrane entirely covered by green plants. These sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing roofs improve air quality and can even lower building energy costs.

  • BUR (Built-Up Roof): BUR is made by alternating layers of tar and gravel. The number of layers of this commercial roof would affect its durability and cost. BUR is among the oldest and most flexible commerical roofing types, which is budget-friendly and quite easy to repair.


Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing

The primary purpose of both commercial and residential roofs is the same, which is to protect your property from the elements. The main differences between these two kinds of roofing systems include the following:


The slope of the roof

As homes are smaller than commercial buildings, they typically have a steep slope roof visible from the ground, whereas due to the size and structure, commercial buildings tend to have flat or slightly sloped roofs.


Materials used

The types of roofing materials can vary significantly depending on the type of roofing. Residential roofs are often made of shingles, tiles, and slate, and commercial materials consist of a single-ply membrane or bitumen.


Installation and maintenance

It takes only a few days to install residential roofs, while commercial roofs can take significantly longer. Also, the maintenance of commercial roofs is often more complex than residential roofs.


Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Below are some of the issues with commercial roofs that need to be addressed promptly before causing more severe problems:

  • Leakage: Roof leaks are common with commercial roofs. When water or moisture gets through your roof, your building is at risk of moulding.

  • Membrane damage: The membranes used in commercial roofs can split, tear, crack or expose open laps over time due to ageing or defective material.

  • Drain issues: Drains, gutters, scuppers or flashing around drains tend to get loose or may require additional sealing to prevent water from entering the building.


Why Choose Us For Commerical Roofing Products and Services?

When it comes to quality roofing products in Scarborough, you can trust Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. Here is why:


  • Expertise: We work with a wide range of clients in commercial roofing, including business owners, independent roofers, contractors, and craftsmen who rely on our product knowledge to get the job done.

  • Reliability: By supplying materials and tools in a manner that respects your time, goals, and reputation as a commercial roofer, Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd will quickly become an essential part of your commercial or residential roofing business.

  • Wide range of products : Wer offer a large selection of building materials to cover all your roofing requirements.

Commercial Roofing Supplies We Offer

We have two storefront locations in Scarborough, so you can view our commercial roofing products before you place an order. If you can’t make it out to our supply centres, we can ship roofing supplies and materials directly to you. You can see a list of our most popular roofing supplies on this page. We have also got all your residential roofing project needs covered as well — check out our residential roofing products page!


  • IKO EasyMelt asphalt

  • #15 perforated felt



  • .045 & .060 EPDM

  • Bonding adhesive

  • Splice adhesive

  • Cleaners & primers

  • Termination bar

  • Uncured flashing

  • Seam tape

  • Cover strip with tape



  • IKO APP Armourplast

  • IKO SBS Torch and Mop


  • POLYGLASS® Self Adhered SBS

  • POLYGLASS® SBS Torch Base & Cap



  • Wet patch plastic cement

  • KARNAK Ultra 19 flashing cement

  • KARNAK AR-Elastomeric #229

  • Bakor Polybitume sealant

  • KARNAK Amphibikote

  • Asphalt / concrete Primer

  • Gravel surface roof coating

  • Fibrated and non-fibrated coatings

  • KARNAK #298 Alumin-R Rubberized Roof Coating 

  • Vapour barrier adhesive

  • Torch grade membrane primer



  • Round-top cap nails

  • 3" galvanized stress plates

  • Construction fasteners

  • Concrete nails

  • Zinc nail anchors

  • Concrete screws

  • Wood screws


  • High dome pipe flashing

  • Aluminum stack flashing

  • Galvanized & aluminum tall cones

  • Galvanized drains

  • Spun aluminum drains

  • Copper drains

  • Galvanized scupper drains

  • Drip edge

  • Gravel stop

  • Wire outlet post



  • Asphalt coated board (tentest)

  • Protectoboard

  • Polyisocyanurate (ISO) insulation (1" - 3" thicknesses)



  • Aluminum breather

  • Aluminum gravity vent

  • Ventilation maximum



  • Fire-resistant cant strip

  • Vapour barrier

  • Skylights

  • Roof hatches - special order

sky light

Choose Us For Commerical Roofing Products

If you want to add skylights or an aluminum vent to your structure, choose Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd for commercial roofing materials in Scarborough. Some other products we offer include eavestrough and miscellaneous materials. Give us a call today to learn more.

Our Brands

Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd works with a range of reliable brands to offer you premium commercial roofing products that last. We take pride in our partnership with:

Roofing Products International, Inc.
Ventilation Maximum

Explore Our Range of Commercial Roofing Products

We are here to handle your commercial roofing needs in Scarborough.

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