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High-Quality Metal Roofing Supply in Scarborough

Whether you are looking for metal roofing  that imitates the look of traditional roofing materials or for the latest in rustproof, energy-efficient roof systems, we can help. Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd metal roofing products can add style, character and durability to your home.


We have been providing metal roofing supplies since 1946, and serving quality metal roofs in residences in Scarborough. Our roofing systems and brand names are all you need to complete a residential or commercial project. Ask your Danforth representative about custom metalwork to crown your project. If you'd like to learn more about our metal roofing in Scarborough, contact us. We will advise you regarding the material that should be used.

You can expect the best results on the market when you choose Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. The warranty backs our promise of quality.  


We are well-equipped to provide complete metal roofing services to residential and commercial owners at affordable prices. If you need to replace the roof entirely, you can rely on us.  Connect with us to discuss your requirements with our team.

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Benefits of Choosing Metal Roofing in Scarborough

Whether you need a new roof for your new home or your old roof needs to be replaced, consider metal roofing. When compared to other roofing materials, metal offers many benefits, such as:

  • Efficiency: Metal roofing is probably the most energy-efficient option because it can reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%. 

  • Eco-Friendly: Typically made of 25-95% recycled substances, metal roofing is a very environmentally friendly material as it is 100% recyclable.

  • Longevity: Metal roofing can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years without needing replacement, depending on the material and proper maintenance. Proper installation ensures insulation, safety, and weather protection.

  • Durability: Most metal roofs can sustain high wind gusts, are corrosion-resistant and are impact-resistant. They also require little maintenance.

  • Safety: As a fire-resistant material, metal is a very safe roofing option. It will not spark or ignite during lightning strikes or wildfires.

  • Low and easy maintenance: Generally, metal roofs don’t require much maintenance and are relatively easy to clean.

  • Insect and fire resistance: Unlike other roofing materials, metal resists insects, fire, and other elements. In addition to that, metal doesn't accumulate moisture and prevents roof from rotting.


While many people think that metal roofs are louder than others, this isn’t necessarily the case. When installed and insulated properly, metal roofing can be even quieter than other materials. While certain metals certainly raise the prices, low-galvanized steel is just as affordable as other materials.

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Roof Material Delivery Service 

Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. not only provides top-notch metal roofing materials but also goes the extra mile with our specialized roof material delivery service. We recognize the significance of efficiency and convenience in your roofing projects. With our dedicated delivery service, you can rely on timely shipments, ensuring your roofing materials arrive safely at your doorstep. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product quality to provide a seamless experience for our customers. 

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Customized Metal Roof - Color 

Elevate the aesthetics of your property with our exceptional customized metal roofing options. At Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd., we offer a spectrum of colors to match your unique style and preferences. Our expert team ensures that your roofing solution not only provides durability and resilience but also complements the overall look of your residential or commercial space. Choose from a diverse range of color options to achieve the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal. With our commitment to customization, your metal roof becomes a distinctive feature that enhances the character of your property. 

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Commercial Metal Roof 

For robust and reliable roofing solutions in commercial settings, Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. presents a comprehensive range of commercial metal roofing products. Our commercial-grade materials are designed to meet the unique demands of business structures, ensuring durability, longevity, and superior performance. Whether you're constructing a new commercial building or renovating an existing one, our high-quality metal roofing solutions provide the strength and resilience required for commercial spaces. 

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We Offer Steel Metal Roofing

We offer steel metal roofing from some of the best brands available, including:

  • Vicwest - Authorized Dealer

  • Ideal Roofing

  • Agway Metals Inc.

All specially ordered profiles are available with a quick turnaround from the above suppliers.

Our steel metal roofing materials can be galvanized or pre-painted based on your needs. steel roofing materials can be galvanized, galvalume or pre-painted to meet your needs. Steel roofing is perfect for use on residential, agricultural and commercial structures; plus, it can be used as roofing or siding! 

  • 7/8” Corrugated - Black, Dark Brown & Galvanized

  • RD 938 1 ½” Roof Deck 22ga. Galvanneal (36” cov.)

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Residential Metal Roof 

Transform your home with the perfect blend of durability and elegance offered by residential metal roofing from Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. Our extensive selection of residential metal roofing materials ensures that you find the ideal match for your style and protection needs. Enhance your home's curb appeal with our premium residential metal roofing solutions, combining aesthetic appeal with long-lasting performance. With our commitment to quality and variety, your residential metal roof becomes a statement piece that adds value and visual charm to your home. Choose excellence for your roofing needs with Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. 

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Types of Metal Roofing 

At Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd., we understand that choosing the right type of metal roofing for your project is crucial. We offer a variety of metal roofing panel styles, each with its own unique advantages to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Here's a closer look at three popular choices: 

Standing Seam 

Standing seam panels are characterized by their clean lines and concealed fasteners. The panels are mechanically seamed together at the ridges, creating a watertight and low-profile roof.  


  • Durability: Standing seam roofs are known for their exceptional longevity with proper maintenance. The concealed fasteners are less susceptible to wind damage compared to exposed fastener systems. 

  • Weather Resistance: The interlocking seams create a superior water barrier, making standing seam roofs ideal for areas with heavy rain, snow, or high winds. 

  • Low Maintenance: Standing seam roofs require minimal maintenance due to their simple design and lack of exposed fasteners. They are also easy to clean and debris sheds off readily. 


Corrugated metal roofing is a familiar sight, characterized by its wavy or ribbed profile. It's a popular choice due to its affordability and ease of installation. 


  • Cost-Effective: Corrugated metal is one of the most affordable metal roofing options. 

  • Versatility: Corrugated panels come in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses to suit different roof sizes and slopes. 

  • Easy Installation: The lightweight panels and simple design make corrugated metal roofs relatively easy to install, potentially reducing labor costs. 

Metal Shingle 


  • Aesthetics: Metal shingles provide a wide range of styles and colors to match various architectural styles. They can elevate the curb appeal of your property with a timeless look. 

  • Lightweight: Metal shingles are lightweight compared to other roofing materials, reducing stress on your roof structure. 

When choosing the right type of metal roofing for your project, consider your budget, desired aesthetics, roof pitch, and local weather conditions. Our team at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. is happy to discuss your project needs and recommend the best metal roofing option for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about our quality metal roofing solutions in Scarborough. 

Metal Roofing  | FAQ

When you have access to the right information, you can make informed decisions on the best type of roof you need for your project. The following are some commonly asked questions about our metal roofing.:

How long Metal Roofs Last?  

The lifespan of a new metal roof depends on various factors, including the environment and surrounding conditions. However, with proper care and maintenance, a metal roof can last well over 40 years. 


Are Metal Roofs Noisy in Bad Weather?

It is a common misconception that metal roofs create a lot of disturbance when it rains or hails. On the contrary, the truth is that metal roofs aren’t any noisier in the rain or storm than other roofing materials, like asphalt shingles or such. Moreover, your attic insulation will limit most sound entering your home. 


Can I Paint My Metal Roof?

Absolutely! You can paint your metal roof to match the look of your home.


How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost?

There is no fixed cost for the installation of a metal roof. The price depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your roof, specifications, and property type. We invite you to discuss your requirements with our metal roofing experts to get a better idea.


Would you like to learn more about our roofing products? If you have more questions or would like to learn more about roofing products, please visit our blog.


Why Choose Us for Metal Roofing in Scarborough?

When you require a metal roof, you should only turn to someone you can trust. After all, a roof is one of the most crucial elements of your home. There are many reasons to choose our metal roofers for the job, such as:

  • Experience: We have over 75 years of experience working in the roofing industry and understand what it takes to meet the roofing needs of residential and commercial clients.

  • Comprehensive services: When it comes to roofing, there is very little that we don't do. Apart from supplying metal roofing materials, we also offer installation and repair services.

  • Quality guaranteed: Our mission is to make quality roofing accessible to everyone. We regularly update our inventory with trusted suppliers, including Vicwest, Ideal Roofing and Agway Metals Inc.

  • Excellent customer experience: We are forthcoming with information and are transparent about our products, rates and services.

Would you like to learn more about our metal roofing supplies in Scarborough? Our team will be happy to assist you!


Contact Danforth’s Metal Roofing Experts Today

If you want a roof that can help lower your energy bills, add aesthetic appeal to your home and is long-lasting, metal roofing is the ideal choice. Please contact us if you need information about our metal roofing in Scarborough. Our representatives discuss your needs to ensure you choose the type of metal roofing you need.

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Quality Metal Roofing in Scarborough

Let us provide you with top-notch metal roofing supplies for your project.

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