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Durable and Reliable Ladders in Scarborough

To install anything on your roof or to install the roof itself, there is one thing that you need - a ladder. Depending on the height you need to reach, the weight it is expected to bear, frequency of use and other specific requirements, our team can help guide you to the perfect ladder for your needs.

At Danforth Roofing Supply, we can provide you with good-quality ladders and other building materials in Scarborough. We have the experience, knowledge and products that will take you just where you need to be able to perform and complete all kinds of roof installations.

We offer a variety of ladders that you can choose from to satisfy all your needs and specifications. We have over 70 years of experience in the roofing supplies industry and will be happy to help you find the perfect ladder. Get in touch with our roofing experts or drop by either of our two locations in Scarborough.

Types of Ladders

Ladders come in all different shapes and sizes with different features that make your job safer and easier. You can take your pick from the following broad types of roof ladders:

  • Fixed
    Fixed ladders are installed permanently onto a building or facility and are more commonly used in commercial applications than residential ones.

  • Mobile Self-Supporting
    Known as stepladders or A-Frame ladders, these can stand on their own and are available in a range of sizes. From your household ladder to more professional grades, these can handle a range of loads and weights.

  • Non Self-Supporting 
    A non-self-supporting ladder is usually called a straight ladder or extension ladder. It has to lean up against something, like the wall of a building, to be secure and is usually used along with another ladder to gain access to high roofs.

  • Roofing Ladder
    This is simply an extension ladder that has been securely attached to the ridge of a sloped roof. This allows the roofer to work from an angle, of till about 75 degrees, on the roof.

  • ​​Telescoping Ladder
    These can stretch to about 12 feet and can be conveniently compacted in an easy-to-carry size that fits easily in the back of your car or a footbed. If your storage does not have enough space for a large ladder, then this is a great choice if you need height for your project.

How To Choose The Right Ladder

It is important to take into account the purpose and your specific requirements of a ladder. The main factors to consider are:

  • Ladder Length and Size
    Ladder lengths can vary anywhere from 2 to 40 feet. You can even add extension ladders with multiple layers with a roll or pulley system to get the maximum length.

  • Ladder Material
    Ladders come in the following materials and each one works for the different styles and load requirements:

    • Aluminum is popular because it is affordable, lightweight and highly resistant to weather and wear and tear.

    • Steel or stainless steel is highly durable but it is a heavy and costly material and is most often used in fixed and commercial applications.

    • Wood ladders are pressure treated and varnished to make them weatherproof. They are more affordable than other alternatives but are susceptible to damage and not as long-lasting.

    • Fibreglass ladders are heavier than aluminum ones, more expensive and less prone to damage.

  • Duty Rating
    The duty rating of a ladder refers to the maximum weight of a person and the materials or load it is rated for. Ladders meant for household use have a Type III-Light Duty 200 pounds and this can go up to Type IAA rated for 375 pounds and heavy-duty industrial use.

  • Hooks, Stabilizers and Other Accessories
    Roof ladder hooks are required to secure your ladder to the ridge of your roof. The hooks should be padded or made of a material that won’t damage the roofing shingles. You can consider the many other additional stabilizing accessories as well.

Our team of experts in Scarborough is always ready and available to assist you with all your requests. Give us a call now!

Our Products

We keep a catalogue of ladders that you can choose from, based on your needs. Our products include:


  • Reimann and Georger Platform Hoists

  • 4.0hp Honda Engine

  • 4.0hp Briggs and Stratton Engine

  • Power Ladder Accessories

  • Featherlite Extension Ladders

  • Ladder Wheel

  • 12" Gin Wheel

  • Aluminum Ladder Jacks

  • Ladder Hooks

  • Ladder Stand-Off Brackets

  • Ladder Mount

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing courteous and reliable roofing services for more than 70 years to our clients in Scarborough. Our customers’ ever-changing and evolving needs have helped us grow immensely, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. You can always rely on us to deliver our services promptly and within the scale of your budget. Call us or visit us at our store on Danforth Avenue to discuss your ladder needs with our team.


Ladder Hunting?


We can help you find the perfect ladder for your roof installation.

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