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Advantages of Low Slope Roofing

Low Slope Roofing

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a type of roofing for a building. Knowing the differences in roofing options will help you make an informed decision. We, at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd, pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of roofing products and services. We have come up with a list of points that make low slope roofing an excellent roofing choice, in this blog.

The benefits of low slope roofing are: Cost-effective Low slope roofing reduces the total area of the roof and thus reduces the material requirements for roof installation. Labour costs also reduce, because unlike high slope roofing, low slope roofing does not require the labourers to lift large trusses or take extreme care to stay balanced on the roof structure. This makes a significant difference while planning to roof large commercial buildings. Read our blog to know more about quality commercial roofing options. Easy to maintain Regular maintenance on low slope roofing can be carried out easily as it provides easy access. Fixing any leaks or replacing damaged shingles is also easier as you can walk on the roof without losing balance. High slope roofs, on the other hand, require a roofing professional for any repairs or maintenance. Efficient air conditioning The amount of time air conditioners take to regulate the temperature depends on the amount of air inside the building. In comparison to high slope roofs, low slope roofs allow less air accumulation inside the building. This reduces the pressure on your air conditioner and saves you money on energy bills. Suitable for solar panels High slope roofing makes it harder to install solar panels. It also forces the solar panels into an angle, which is not apt for maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day. Low slope roofs allow for easier installation of solar panels. The low slope allows the solar panels to be exposed to sunlight effectively throughout the day. Reduction in unusable interior space High slope roofing often poses the problem of inaccessible attic space that still has to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Low slope roofing eliminates this problem. High slope roofing, as a design choice, is also quickly losing appeal as contemporary designs tend to favour a flat roof design. Regular maintenance is necessary for low slope roofing as snow and water can easily sit on the roof for long periods, which might cause leaks. Professional guidance is needed to choose the right materials for low slope roofing as not all roofing materials can be used. Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd has been providing quality roofing products throughout the Greater Toronto Area for over 70 years. Count on us for residential or commercial roofing products. Contact us today for your roofing needs.


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