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Let's Talk About Ladders & Choosing the Right One for Your Project

red extension ladder leaning against the house

It's exciting to start a new project whether it's for large-scale construction or DIY. In quarantine, more people are starting home improvement projects than ever before. A ladder may seem like an easy buy, but there are a lot of options for the consumer! If you need ladders in Scarborough, we've got you covered with an extensive assortment of ladders and their accessories. That project will get done in no time with these excellent choices!

1. Step Ladders

For both construction and DIY, this is a basic ladder that gets a lot of work done. Though it cannot reach soaring heights, it's perfect for a Scarborough DIY project. Look for ladders 5 feet tall to paint walls, install TVs, and do so much more. This is an all-around crowd-pleaser. It's always a good idea to have one of these around on the job.

2. A-Frame Paint Ladders

Standing taller than the step ladders, A-Frames are a great choice for painting taller ceilings and working outside. Look for one with a podium option, so that you can rest your supplies on it safely. The A-frame design gives this ladder a lot of support. This ensures a sturdy foothold and decreases the chance that you'll get injured when placed on a solid surface. These ladders have one height and cannot be adjusted. We also have ladder wheels if you'd like to make a heavier ladder portable. These are helpful for moving and positioning the ladder before and after the job.

3. Extension Ladders

These are handy when ascending to a roof where the height is unknown or variable. We have Featherlite extension ladders in Scarborough ready to help you on your next project. These ladders are versatile and safe. Look for a metal locking mechanism and overextension prevention that creates the safest user experience possible. Though not the best choice for a small Scarborough DIY project, these ladders are excellent for construction on the exterior of your home.

4. Ladder Hoists

If you need to bring heavy objects to a higher place, ladder hoists are the right choice for you. Forget dragging extremely heavy material up with this lifesaving project tool. We have Briggs and Stratton engines as well as Reimann and Georger platform hoists for ladders that are an excellent choice for moving material. These attach to ladders and can carry 200 pounds of material. Safety precautions are in place to deter builders from carrying heavy objects up ladders, and so this is a great choice for protocol, safety, and ease of use.

5. Telescoping Ladder

These are the most convenient ladders on the list. They stretch about 12 feet and can be compacted in an easy-to-carry shape that fits easily in the back of your car or in a footbed. This is a great choice if you need height, but have no spare space to keep a giant ladder around. Excellent for DIY projects where you might not want to fully commit storage space to a large ladder.

Get Climbing On Ladders in Scarborough Today

Now is the time for home improvements, whether it be a home facelift or an extensive construction project. We hope this article narrowed down what ladder you'd like for your job. Please send us an inquiry here or call one of our stores. We would love to help you select ladders in Scarborough today! Start the project you've dreamed about.



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