Cedar Shingles & Shakes in Scarborough

Danforth Roofing Supply keeps fine cedar shingles and shakes in stock. We are, of course, happy to special order exactly what you need to finish your exterior. Ask your Danforth sales representative to help you find all the other supplies needed to give you a weatherproof cedar exterior. Our experts will help you make a selection of quality materials that will result in the perfect blend of aesthetics and durable construction.


  • Certigrade 18” Perfections Shingles Number 1 Grade
  • Certigrade 18” Perfections Shingles Number 2 Grade
  • Certi-Sawn 18” Tapersawn Shakes Premium Grade
  • Certi-Split 24” Mediums Handsplit & Resawn Shakes Number 1 Grade
  • Certi-Cut 18” Fancy-Butt Round
  • Certi-Ridge Hip & Ridge Shingle
  • Certi-Ridge Hip & Ridge Tapersawn
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