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How to Protect Your Roof Against Weather Damage

Close up view of shingles roof damage

Roof damage is not only dangerous, but it can also cause leaks that lead to other issues later on. For that reason, protecting your home's roof against weather damage should be a priority for every homeowner. A lot of homeowners are concerned about the type of roof they should purchase to prevent weather damage. Not every area has the same weather issues, so you'll need to find a roof type that works best for your home. There are also some home repairs and adjustments you can make for your roof to last longer. Keep on reading to learn more about how to prepare your roof against different kinds of weather damage.

Types of Damaging Weather

Weather disasters are getting worse worldwide, so it's more important than ever before to weatherproof your home. High temperatures can damage your roof by curling shingles and causing both peeling and eroding. The materials making it up expand and contract, which weakens its structural integrity. Powerful storms come with both high winds and heavy rain. Strong winds can knock loose shingles and cause tree branches to hit the roof. Heavy rain can accumulate on the roof and damage or leak through it. Snow isn't necessarily damaging, but it can linger on your roof for weeks. As it melts, the liquid can get under your roof and refreeze, causing damage as it expands. Hail can damage your roof as well as anything attached to it. It dings up your siding, gutters, and shingles. You may find gaps in your roof as a result of hail damage.

Tips to Prevent Weather Damage

Roofs naturally deteriorate and become more susceptible to weather damage over time. It's important to keep it well-maintained and in good condition, so it'll last longer. One form of roof protection is sealing up any leaks or gaps. Any moisture getting under your roof can cause it to become more damaged. Another way to avoid costly roof repairs is by examining your surrounding yard. Large trees around your home can become a liability during storms. Consider their distance, tree health, and existing storm damage before you call for tree care services. Hurricane straps and gables can be installed on your roof for more protection. In addition, in some cases, your insurance company may include an extra discount on your premium after these are placed. Secondary water barriers are another way to score an insurance discount. These keep rainwater from getting into your attic, which can prevent water damage. The most important step to avoid weather damage is regular roof maintenance. Roofing contractors in Scarborough can inspect your roof, make repairs, and install weatherproofing upgrades.

Roofing Supply and Delivery Services in Scarborough

Weather damage is inevitable, especially when it comes to severe storms. You have to keep up with your roof maintenance to stay on top of any holes or leaks. We at Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd have been in business for over 75 years selling reliable building products. We offer Metal roof, Asphalt Shingles, Cedar Shingles & shakes and many roofing materials at an affordable price. Contact us for more information.



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