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Tips for Cleaning Eavestroughs

Cleaning Eavestroughs in Scarborough

As is the case elsewhere, eavestrough cleaning is a necessary component of building maintenance in Scarborough. Removing debris from your gutters twice a year—in fall and spring—can prevent potential problems including interior water damage and destruction of roof components. While it’s no one’s favourite household chore, cleaning the eavestrough is fairly straightforward.

Clear the roof first The first step should always be to clear off debris from the roof; otherwise, your eavestrough is likely to quickly get clogged again. Use a rake or a power washer to accomplish this task. Clean out the eavestrough The best way to clean out your eavestrough is to use a gutter scoop. These devices can be purchased from most hardware stores at a marginal cost. They’re made of plastic and have a thin edge that makes it easy to dislodge the gunk stuck to the bottom of the eavestrough. You can use other tools if you wish, as long as they’re not made of metal. Metallic implements could potentially damage the eavestrough. Additionally, it’s a good idea to wear thick suede gloves to protect your hands from getting scratched or coming into contact with bacteria-ridden substances. Make sure the downspout isn’t clogged The way to find out if your downspout is clear of debris is to use a hose and run water down it. If the water spurts back up, you have a clog. In this case, you can try tapping the sides to dislodge the debris. If tapping doesn’t work, you’ll need to remove the downspout and flush it out from the bottom. Use ladders safely Ladder mishaps are far too common. Avoid accidents by using a sturdy ladder. Make sure it’s in good condition and that it’s securely in place before you climb up the rungs. An extension ladder is ideal for multi-storied buildings, while a four-legged stepladder is adequate for single-storey structures. It’s also useful if your ladder has a shelf that can hold the bin in which you’ll need to dump debris cleared from your eavestrough. When to replace eavestroughs Eavestroughs are typically made of aluminum and with proper maintenance can last a long time. However, if they’ve been badly damaged in a storm, or if wear and tear has degraded them over time, then you’ll need to replace them. In general, eavestroughs should be swapped out every 20 years. Where to get roofing supplies in Scarborough Need new eavestroughs? Whether you’re looking to purchase commercial or residential roofing supplies, Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd is the place to go to get all that you need to get the job done right. For 70 years we’ve been providing a comprehensive collection of roofing supplies to residents in Scarborough, Toronto and beyond. Contact us today to find out if we have what you need.


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