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Winter Preparation for Commercial Roof Systems

A roofer is checking the commercial roof

Did you know that certain commercial roof options can last upwards of 50 years if you take care of them? Something like an asphalt roof will last up to 30 years, while metal roofing will make it over 50 years. However, failure to winterize your roof may lead to unnecessary damage. 

A commercial roof system is designed to be low-maintenance, but that doesn't always apply if you live in an area with volatile weather patterns. A heavy snow can easily result in heavy damage that can affect other parts of your building. 

Here's how to prepare your roof for the winter. 

Keep Your Commercial Roof Clean

The first way to prepare your commercial roof or winter is to keep it clean of any debris, dirt, or other items. All commercial buildings have drains and gutters that help keep water from collecting on their roofs. If dirt and debris are blocking these drains, then snow and water will build up. 

Failure to remove this excess moisture can result in an ice dam, which is a much more difficult problem for a building owner to handle on their own.

Inspect Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is essential if you want to prevent air and moisture from entering your building. 

Some of the ways you can tell you have poor insulation include cold walls, infiltrating pests, cool drafts, and higher energy bills. It's always good to have your insulation inspected before a long winter.

Look Out for Problems with Your Flat Commercial Roof

Common roof problems can complicate matters when winter comes around.

For example, large puddles can form on your roof if the drainage system isn't installed properly. It's also possible that the roof itself dips down in certain places, which allows water to collect. 

These areas of your roof can cause ice to form if melting snow isn't able to drain off of it. The snow may also create more weight than your roof is meant to handle.

Create a Snow Removal Plan

Winter lasts multiple months, and you may need to deal with the snowfall each time, or you'll get ice dams. Create a snow removal plan as part of your maintenance routine. This may involve shovelling snow off of your roof, using hot steam under pressure, or even raking it off. 

Schedule an Inspection

The final way to prepare your commercial roof for winter is to get an inspection from commercial roofers. These professionals can analyze any problem areas and help you fix them in advance. Don't wait too long, or the weather could catch you by surprise. 

Commercial Roofing Supply Company

Too much snow and ice can compromise your roof and affect other parts of your building.  If you find your roof is unable to withstand winter weather, consider proactively replacing or repairing it before severe weather hits.

Danforth Roofing Supply has been providing roofing material in Scarborough since 1946. Our roofing products cover residential, commercial, roofing accessories, and more.  Contact us today.


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